Community Groups

Our Community Groups are different than most small groups.  We recognize that Jesus’ love for us couldn’t be contained by death and we choose to not let our own fears, doubts, or shortcomings keep it contained within our group.   Our groups are missional and serve to help us remember to go and make disciples of all nations.  Each one is unique in how they meet and interact with the community around them.  The door is always open to join and feel free to try different groups until you find what you need.

The Missional Life FAQ

What does it mean to live missionally?

Our vision states that we “exist for those who are not yet here,” so we must be on mission as we go about our daily lives.  We must begin each day purposefully being “salt and light” with a heart for those who are not connected.  We believe Good Shepherd will be known in the community not because we open the doors on Sunday, but because ministry happens wherever our members live and go.

What is the point of a missional community?

 When we meet, we join together as imperfect, broken individuals that have been given new life, to share how God is at work in our lives, and to study the word to remain focused on him.  We choose to do it out of love for God, and we are compelled to do it out of God’s love for us. The goal of each group is to grow and multiply, while the focus is on coming together to sharpen each other into the people God intended us to be.

How does a missional community work?

It all starts with relationships.  The goal of a missional community is to transform our everyday relationships into gospel-centered relationships through a two part process known as discipleship.  Discipleship involves both the making and maturing of Christ-followers, and a missional community is the place for that to happen. 

How is a missional community different than other church groups?

While many traditional small groups or bible studies aren’t missional communities, any group can be a missional community–the difference is in identity. Many traditional groups are focused around our identities as moms, youth, men, young adults, etc, to which we apply the gospel.  A missional community is focused around our common gospel identity, which is then applied to our lives as moms, youth, men, young adults, etc.

What does a missional community look like?

Because the difference is in identity, a missional community can take many different forms.  Groups can meet once a month or once a week; they can be multi-generational, or focused on one particular peer group; they can revolve around a meal, a service opportunity, or a specific location.

What are the key ingredients of a missional community?

While the structure of each group can vary, there are some key ingredients that each missional community will have in common:

1. They will intentionally seek to know the gospel more at every meeting;

2. They will challenge those present to share openly the struggles and victories of Christian living;

3. They will keep an open door and encourage visitors;

4. They will seek to multiply so that more people may come to know Christ. 

Contact us for additional information on how to get involved with a missional community, or check out our latest news for info on our Connections Dinners and Group Leader Trainings.